Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cog Magazine Launched

Don't you love it when you get a fat envelope in the mail? It usually is some schwag from an alley cat we sponsored or a product sample. Yesterday we received the inaugaral copy of Cog Magazine (and a superbe looking t-shirt). Cog is unique in the cycling magazine world in that it is given away for free, but it isn't printed on cheesy newsprint. It is a large 9x12 format in glossy 4-color perfect for capturing the "groovy" beauty of city bike culture. This issue features coverage of the NACCC '07, the "Pisto Boom" in Tokyo and an in-depth feature on Jonny Cycles.

Places to pick up a copy: (as of 7-17-07)
NYC: King Kog, Track Star
Minneapolis MN: On-One Studio
Milwaukee, WI: Ben’s Cycles, Corey The Bike Fixer
Madison, WI: Yellow Jersey, Revolution Cycles
Chicago, IL: Yojimbo’s Garage, 4 Star CC
Toronto, Ontario: Courier Cavern
SF, CA: Freewheel, Pedal Revolution, Godspeed
LA, CA: Orange 20
Portland, OR: Stumptown Coffee
Berlin, Germany: Keirin Café

What's our interest in a new magazine launch besides our love of reading?
Kevin Sparrow, one of the editors, told us a few months back that they did a skid test on several tires and that our thick-treaded Soma Everwear came out on top. They said it did so well that in their single night of "accelerated real world testing,"the Everwear was the only tire that didn't give up the ghost before they got tired and wanted to go home. Click on image to read.

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