Monday, December 10, 2007

Canadian Outdoor Retailer Bans Nalgene Bottles

We stumbled upon this article in the New York Times. The popular Nalgene polycarbonate bottles that has become a symbol of environmental responsibility ("Refill, not Landfill") has been removed from the shelves of Mountain Equipment Co-op, Canada’s leading outdoor gear retailer, over concerns about BPA used in its manufacture. TO ARTICLE
We want to stress that our own Crystal PolyPROPYLENE bottles contain no BPA. What do you think? Should Soma make a jumbo size camping bottle out of polypropylene? It won't fit your bottle cage, but you can bring it to the office or school.


alexanderkahn said...

You absolutely should.

digiTED said...

yes; please do. my wife has cancer, so we are even more aware of these chemical by-products irresponsibly left alone by the FDA and others.

what about stainless with a stainless lid? I'd pay $50 for a durable bottle with a fully cleanable lid in both bottle cage size and 32 oz camping size.

etched logos, too; no silkscreen or stickers.