Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hellyer Park Selected to Host 2008 Masters Track National Championships

Since the velodrome's name was the inspiration for our new track-specific pedals and cranks, we thought it the least we could do is recipricate is to promote our local oval with a blurb.

The Master Nationals will be held next September.
The event will be conducted over six days instead of the previous five-day format. This will give each age group a day during the schedule for rest and sightseeing, and will also shorten the duration of most racing sessions.

The dates for the event were chosen to avoid conflicts with the Olympics and the World Masters Road Championships.

Hellyer Park Velodrome is located in San Jose which is roughly 50 miles south of San Francisco. The weather is usually awesome in September. The track surface is concrete, 335m per lap, and has a maximum banking of 22 degrees in the turns and 13 degrees in the straights. The transitions are smooth and the turns are round-which makes the track very similar to the Major Taylor and T-Town tracks. The blue band is on the banked surface and this provides added safety. There is a brand new asphalt apron around the inside of the track and a separate warm-up circle that can be used during racing. There is a new 50’ by 100’ concrete pad in the infield for trainers, rollers, and tent canopies, and the remainder of the infield is newly-sodded grass. All of the walkways around the track and connecting to the parking lots are also new asphalt. There are grandstands on the home stretch and backstretch areas. MORE INFO
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