Friday, December 14, 2007

Second Generation Delanceys Are In

We finally have a handful of 2nd generation Delanceys going out to shops and distributors.
These new frames have a slightly higher bottom bracket. We did not have any pedal strike issues with these frames, but comments from forum dwellers made us reconsider. They also have a taller headtube. (See, we listen.)

How Do You Tell the Difference Between The Two
We chose to make the 2nd gen frames the same 'Seaweed' color as the first, so we needed to devise a way for dealers and customers to easily tell which geometry they had without cracking out the tape measure. We simply changed the font of the name. Newer frames have an Old West / Circus-type font.

Hopefully this will help when you stumble upon a used one a few years down the line, too.
BUT if it has been re-painted (see here for a pimpin' example) we can't help you.
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