Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hellyer Crank Photos

The new Hellyer Cranks are available soon.
Shops can place their orders next week
with their distributor. Right now they only come in
46t, though we have more people saying 47t is becoming
the new "standard" locally. What is the most common in
your neck of the woods? If we do 2 aftermarket sizes
of the new drilled ring, what sizes should they be?
If we do colors, which would play well in your
tribe (please...when we say 'tribe' we don't mean
just you). Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Do a 48t and paint it matt black. (NC tribe spoken for)

Anonymous said...

49 tooth, polished silver

Anonymous said...

Hot crank!
One more vote for 48t

Anonymous said...

When is the new touring frame going to be ready to buy?

peddlerbike said...

It looks a lot better with that new ring. Are the arms the same as the last design? Good colors for us are black, blue, red, gold, and purple would be good too. No one seems to do much with green either and maybe someone should.

espressofiend said...

looks sweet. I vote for shiny black

nick said...

48t. or 49. but 48 would be first choice. colors are lame.

Anonymous said...

its good that you guys keep expanding your product line. i must agree that green is not around as much

Nick said...

I really like the crank, but it would be even better in 47.

Anonymous said...

47T. Do it. The Word.