Friday, September 5, 2008

Soma Fabrications on Facebook

The Soma Fabrications Users Group has been set up on Facebook.

For those that ride Soma Fabrications bicycle frames or parts or just dig their steel core tire levers, we don't care.... you are welcome to join the group and meet other Soma users. You can create discussions in the forum, but of course now there is no one there, so it might be lonely. You can also be among the first to show off pictures of your Soma build.

Keep the posting wall and forum 'sucker free' and don't rock the boat and we will get along just fine. If you have something that you want Soma to respond to directly please email them, do not post here.

We don't know how often we will be on FB, so if you have questions for us, please do not ask them of FB; send an e-mail instead (somainfo[at]

For the curious, you can't just check it out. You need to be logged in as a Facebook member to find it. Sorry. That's how FB works.


Yokota Fritz said...

A link?

Yorke said...

How bout spending less time on facebook and more time getting some Buena Vista pics up ;)

Somacisco said...

there will be a buena vista "2nd round prototype" at Interbike. there is also a pic of a built one on FB. everything is moving ahead on this frame as well as the B-Side

Edward M said...

all this info on the buena vista but oh so little on the b-side... what gives? if the b-side is a go when can we get a update?

i am so excited you guys can consider one sold!!!