Tuesday, December 9, 2008

B-Side Will Be Coming In "The Spring"

We have had many inquiries wondering when the B-Side 650b mountain frame will drop. To keep it cautiously nebulous, we are saying "The Spring". Here is a production prototype we have been testing. Sorry to those who felt neglected.
Changes from the concept prototype:
1. Allows for SS or geared set up with a track style dropout. Disc mount does allow removal of rear wheel w/o loosening the caliper.
2. Gusset for improved fork knob clearance.
3. Tange heat treated CrMo, instead of Pacenti Heavy Metal tubes.

Things being left the same:
1. Same Carmelized Orange with Vanilla panel paint job which we got nice comments about
2. Geometry is roughly the same. To maximize standover we are using an extreme slope so a 400mm post is recommended for longer legged riders. This is similar to what Niner does, but less extreme.
3. Jason Grove built the concept with diamond-shaped cage boss braze-ons. We liked them, so we are keeping them.

No pricing yet. Should be similar to the Juice though.

Other frame news: We are considering a new 26" XC hardtail that will having new sliding dropouts being developed by Tange and Interloc Racing Design. So that might replace the 4one5 and maybe the Groove, too.
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