Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Schweet Schtuff

We don't know why pedal maker, MKS has produce a titanium bell, but the "Titan" does look svelte. It is practical, too. It borrows the clamp from Japanese bike light/computer manufacturer Cat Eye, so you can fit it on bars 22.2 up to 31.8mm. You can probably wrap on the top tube of your Moots. The "Titan" will only set you back $50.

March has also brought new Soma items.
- New colors for the Hellyer Track Pedal

- Soma Leather Toe Straps with Buckle Pads (you can also buy pads separately to upgrade the straps you own)

- New EvenFlow Tires: The big idea is that fixed gear riders don't need to use the thick skinned (but slightly pricey) Everwear up in front since skidding is done on the rear tire. By using the inexpensive Evenflow on the front wheel they can save some money, but still have a tire that matches the look of the rear tire. The graphics look the similar and the Evenflow comes in all the colors that the Everwear comes in. A couple of shops gave us this idea, so we shall see how it flies. If you are one of the riders, that don't give a crap about matching tires, well.... maybe you should. (Please note the Evenflow is not cheesy "cheap". It is still made in Japan by Panaracer.)
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