Friday, April 3, 2009

Soma in New Zealand

Soma recently arrived in New Zealand through our cool new distributor there, Wide Open.

For those untravelled and can only equate NZ with the Lord of the Rings movies, let us show you the spankin' new T. Whites/Qubic boutique store. This is not "Little Bike Shop in the Shire".

"We have teamed up with the legendary Qubic clothing boutique to create a store inside a store in the heart of New Market. Located in central New Market Qubic has the most dialed clothing and shoe selection in Auckland offering all the hard to find top shelf clothing you could ever wish for.
Thursday The 9th is the official release date and its going to be a great combination between Qubic and T.Whites bikes in conjunction with All Track.
Check them out at"

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