Monday, May 18, 2009

Cardiff Cowhide Saddles in White

The SomaFab Shop just picked up a handful of these new offerings from Cardiff. White has been popular with the roadie and track crowd as of late. Let's see what those who are jonesin' for a more 'classic' (vintage, whatev) look for their bike will think of these saddles. The Cardiff Ltd. website is finally active if you want to investigate furthur.

Just to show this blog isn't just for schlepping bike gear, we offer this public service message: Get out to your local library. Check out and listen to CD's, view DVD's for free. Read books. Amazon and B&N shouldn't be the first places you think about when looking for books.

This cute bike rack is located outside the newly remodeled Richmond District Library in San Franciso off Clement St. Pick up some dim sum at one of the Chinese delis, or a Vietnamese sandwich and spread out on the fresh lawn with a good book.

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