Monday, August 3, 2009

Ride Report: Cross Training

Another foggy/misty/wet Saturday morning...what else but summer riding conditions in San Francisco. The ride for the day took us over the Golden Gate and into the Marin headlands. Riding along the twisty road that hugs the coast just across the water from SF, you have the option of stopping every quarter mile or so to check out former WWII gun battlements. Ranging from small lookouts only large enough for one person to massive turrets the size of single-family homes, I have always found it fascinating to investigate these bits of history.

The Point Bonita lighthouse (check the heavy looking skies):

Channeling Rivendell, some dirt riding on our road bikes to get back up from the valley we descended into. Ran New Xpress 23c's, and I can honestly say they handled reasonably well. The stem appears very crooked from this angle, but I can assure you, it is on straight.

I feel like we have gone straight from winter/early spring (I have commuted in a t-shirt maybe twice this year) into fall. We'll keep our leg warmers on, while I'm sure the rest of you are enjoying sunny days and warm evenings.

Coffee made with love, offering up some internal warmth after a chilly ride.

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