Friday, August 21, 2009

Soma Will Be Sponsoring The 2009 Hardcourt Bike Polo World Championships

Montana Norvell, Director of the Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Federation, approached us a few months back to help support this Labor Day weekend event. The guy sure knows his polo and writes the most professional " we want schwag" letter, but I was most enamored was of the beautfully simple poster image that takes me back to my days studying graphic design. Futura was the favorite font of the SJSU graphic department when I was there.

We are offering a Soma Rush frame for an individual prize and 3 sets of 48 hole versions of our SoMax track hubs as a team prize. We only made 50 sets of these "polo hubs" and most are available at Bell's Bike Shop (coincidentally is also in Philadelphia.) We'll post pictures of them when we can.

Thirty five teams have signed up so far.

Spectators are welcome to attend the free of charge. The event is also sponsored by Trophy Bike Garage, another awesome Philly shop that carries our stuff.
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