Monday, October 12, 2009

Cyclo-touring and bags

Fall in the Bay Area is one of the best times of year. We will often have some of our best and most consistent weather throughout September and October. We may have a storm blowin' in tomorrow, but this past weekend was perfect for a little weekend in the woods.

We loaded up and rolled out Saturday morning. One night in the woods, especially at a camp only 5 miles from a relatively populated area (Marin) means you can get away with being a little haphazard with your planning and setup, but it also means you can get up and decide to head out for the weekend on a whim. Our trip was somewhere in between, and it was great to roll out of bed, get a coffee and turn the pedals all day while taking in the scenery. I think it was the polar opposite of training for 'cross, which has been about all the riding I have been doing as of late.

Some happy folks rolling along Crissy Field.

The lineup.

China Camp in San Rafael is an awesome campground and trail network with beautiful oaks and salt marshes.

Brats, Knocks, Soy-Beer Brats, squash and onions. Look at the perfect grill marks. Jesse's grilling is the business.

Post-camping I set off to do my weekly shopping with my new gear tote. It is the Sackville Shopsack from Rivendell, which is made in the USA of fine Scottish fabric in an awesome olive green. If you have used the cheapo bags they sell at the counter of grocery stores you know how they last all of a few months. This bag is stout, classy, and will last decades instead of months. This is the bigger size of the two (they are sized to fit the Wald 137 and 139 baskets) and easily holds a large baguette and all kinds of junk food, which, from looking at that photo, is apparently what I eat.

Bungee'd to a rear rack is not nearly as class as in a Wald basket, but it does the trick.

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