Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SF Bike Expo! This Saturday! At the Cow Palace!

We will not be exhibiting this year,
but some of us are definitely checking this out. It promises to be an exciting event no matter what type of cycling you are into.

Schedule of Events

Saturday, November 14, 2009 @ 6:31 pm
Posted by SFBikeExpo

8:00 AM: Registration Opens for Low Riders, Custom, Vintage Bicycles

8:30 AM: Rock the Bike Meet Up and Breakfast at the Alemany Farmer’s Market

9:00 AM: Registration Opens for the Cross Palace

9:30 AM: Rock the Bike Ride Rolls Out

10:00 AM: Doors open to the Public

10:00 AM: Low Rider, Custom, Vintage Bicycles on Display

10:00 AM: Cross Palace Men’s C, Ladies C, Ladies SS Men’s Junior B/C Start

10:45 AM: Cross Palace Ladies A/B Start

11:45 AM: Cross Palace Men’s Junior A, Men’s Singlespeed B, Men’s B 35/45/55

12:00 PM: AT’s Showdown Practice Begins

12:45 PM: Cross Palace Kids Race Start

1:00 PM: Cross Palace Awards

1:15 PM: Cross Palace Intermission

2:00 PM: Cross Palace Men’s B, Men’s Open SS

2:00 PM: AT’s Showdown Competition Begins

3:00 PM: Cross Palace Men’s A, Men’s A 35, Men’s A 45

3:30 PM: Low Riders, Custom, Vintage Bicycle Awards

4:30 PM: Special performance by the Derailleurs on BikeStyle Fashion Show Stage

4:45 PM: Track stand competition by the Mission Bicycle Company on BikeStyle Fashion Show Stage

5:15 PM: BikeStyle Fashion Show begins

6:00 PM: SF Bike Expo Ends

6:30 PM: Rock The Bike Ride leads back to the Mission District

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Anonymous said...

New Video of Andrew Taylor's Mountain Bike Dirt Jump Showdown at the Cow Palace

Also featuring Brian Miller, Cam McCaul, Christian Wright, Eric Lawrenuk, Geoff Gulevich, Greg Watts, Jack Fogal, Jacob Hyde, Jamie Goldman, Jordie Lunn, kevin Sorichette, Logan Peat, Mike Montgomery, Mitch Chubey, Paul Basagoitia, Ryan Howard, and Tyler McCaul!

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