Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We Keep Going

A couple of great guys, Joaquin and Bryan, are living the dream and touring the world. After they finished the 42 Below ride, they decided to keep on touring and living on road with their bikes. They call themselves We Keep Going, and they certainly have started quite an undertaking. The planned route starts in LA and brings them down through Mexico, Central and South America, then across the Atlantic to northern Africa and up to Spain (and the rest of Europe to follow). They are already down around Ensenada according to their most recent blog post. Keep up with them on their blog as they post updates and photos from their epic adventure, and an encouraging email (or donation) will help keep their dream alive!

We were able to connect with Jo and Bryan and set them up with Saga frames and New Xpress tires to keep them on the road, and the frame has been a good match for what they are doing (and what is classier looking than that navy/creme/gold color scheme with a set of skinwall tires?). If you want to hear what a couple guys with some serious touring experience have to say about the frame, here's their review.

Awesome dudes on an awesome ride:

All built up:

Look at the list of stuff they are bringing, then think about the ride they are headed on. Still trying to wrap my head around it.

We wish them all the best on their amazing journey, and will keep you updated with their progress!

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