Friday, April 16, 2010

New Handlebar Projects Part Two

A couple weeks ago we announced we were releasing a Lauterwasser replica bar soon and alluded that there would be more bar news to follow.

Well here's the scoop.
• We will be offering an 560mm wide version of our Sparrow bar.
• We will also be offering a version of our 3-Speed (Moustache) bar that fits MTB-style grips and levers. These should be available by July.
• Still in development is this smooth-welded bar inspired by an old Italian cafe-racer design called the "Condorina". This is the 1st prototype.

We have decided to add more backsweep to it. In the final, it'll resemble a Z-bend clubman handlebar. We think it will be very comfy and stylish bar to ride with.


Josh Mitchell said...

Oooooh... Nice ideas on all three accounts. I've wanted a wide sparrow for a while.

Tim K said...

I know you say the Oxford won't bar end shifters in all the literature, but maybe you made a production change?

I have a pretty solid recollection that the end section is drilled out. If not for bar end, what is it for?

I suppose I could poke a hole in the end of the already mounted cork grips and try it myself, but it would be easier if checked a grip free bar.


Anonymous said...

The Condorina is very interesting to me . . . that shape, with more backsweep, is what you still see on the streets in Italy, on nearly every converted road bike. It's quite narrow and not light. I hope yours is 26 mm.


Anonymous said...

don't add too much backsweep, the italian style is far more beautiful than the clubman bar.