Saturday, June 19, 2010

2Wheels4Girls Update:
Big Horseflies and Even Bigger Sunsets

Eleanor is at the Russian/Inner Mongolia border right now. She's been in a town there two nights already due to some bad cold noodles she had for lunch yesterday.

The number of swarming insects out on her route is mind-boggling. On a road to Chichihar(NE China), it was dragonflies and mosquitoes. Four days ago she was encountering horseflies the size of her little toe and aggressive bees, too. Even pedaling at 25kph the bees would stick to her panniers. She's collected about 20 bee stings so far.

At the latitude she's at, the sun look humongous. Yesterday she saw the most beautiful sunset of her life. She just past the 4000km mark on her journey. Go Ellen go!

Armed with just her Soma Saga, a tent and a camera, American Eleanor Moseman is on a solo cycling odyssey from Shanghai to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and back again. 2wheels4girls project, 17,000 mile bike ride across China in 9 months, is intended to inspire girls to fulfill their real potential and raise money for organizations promoting education for the disadvantaged.
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