Thursday, October 7, 2010

Paved Magazine Reviews The Buena Vista In Its Debut Issue

What is Paved Magazine? It's a brand new skinny tire magazine from the editors of bike Magazine, that mountain bike publication with all the awesome photography. When the test editor at bike called me asking for a Buena Vista, our immediate response was "why" and "are you really calling from bike?" They said they were working on a special road issue and that head editor was going to the Tour of Flanders and needed something for the girlfriend to ride and they would need the frame and any parts we could get sent ASAP. So even while we were packing up the frame set to send to a mystery address in SoCal (It was not the address listed on their website or print magazine, we were thinking something smells fishy.)
And when e-mails to the test editor went unanswered, we again thought something smells fishy.

Well it turns out the smell was just us, because Paved hit the newstands last month. There is a glorious full page picture of an immaculately built Buena Vista on page 92. And there's even an article of the Tour of Flanders. Click on picture below to read the review.

Was quite impressed that they decided to do a
showcase of "street bikes" in their premiere
issue. One would expect carbon fiber
wonder bikes.
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