Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chris Piascik All My Bikes Zine

We are stoked when anyone purchases a Soma frame. We are especially happy when they immortalize them in art as Chris Piascik has.
Check it...

Full color, 28-page zine featuring illustrations of every bike I have ever owned. Since a young age I have been completely bike crazy, because of that I’ve had lots of different bikes of all shapes and sizes. Highlights include: General Hustler, Robinson SST, Schwinn Predator, S&M Holmes, Soma Rush, Standard 125R, Milwaukee Bruiser, All-City Dropout, FBM Joint 2, Freeman Transport.

32 Bikes! Limited run of 100 copies—each signed and numbered.

Order a copy at the Print Brigade webstore!

You can preview the zine in full on Issuu.

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