Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holidays in India

India has been getting a lot more negative publicity these past couple of years with every season an "Amazing Race" couple commenting on the smell and the crowds. And of course all the business of outsourcing these days, which is more an issue of U.S. corporations rather than the people of India (in this writer's opinion).

India is still an incredible place to visit as Rick Gunn ( is finding out again. He has been on a north to south trek through India since November. He started out at the Golden Temple in Amritsar (Punjab) and hopes to finish up on the white sand shores of Kerala. He spent New Year's Eve in Goa where it was a chilly 90 degrees.
It is his first extended trip on his new Soma Saga frame.

Rick's an awesome photographer and we look forward to seeing more shots like these early ones, which show India ain't just the crushing bustle of Mumbai.

Rick's Saga is his third Soma.
The first one was a first generation Soma Groove which he bought used.
He put nearly 17,000 miles on it through the some spectacular and
rough terrain in Asia.

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