Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sugino throws its hat in the 2x10 arena

The Sugino ZX801D MTB Crank

Pictures don't do these cranks justice, they are gorgeous!
Sugino's new CompactPlus+System adds some competition to a market that is currently dominated by SRAM and Shimano. Pictured above is the Sugino ZX801D MTB crank, we've also got the OX801D Compact Road crank...but we'll get to that later.

The Sugino ZX801D MTB Crank, our specs:
Its crank spider uses a more common 110bcd standard and the design promises a super low Q-factor. Grey arms with black chainrings. Here's the specs:
- 40/26t ramped and pinned aluminum chainrings (XTR is 40/28, Sugino makes this combo, too, but we currently only have 40/26t)
- 10 and 9 speed compatible (use a 10-speed chain for 10-spd components)
- 156mm Q-factor
- IDS24 24mm hollow CrMo BB axle
- Chainline: 48.5mm
- Weight: about 780g

The Sugino OX801D Compact Road Crank

The Sugino OX801D Compact Road Crank, we've got 6 different configurations of this beauty. Here are our specs, check it out on the official site too:

- 50-34t or 48-34t 7075 aluminum rings, 110 BCD
- This crank can also take a 74BCD ring (if you want to replace the 34t with
something smaller) w/o affecting Q-factor
- Cold-forged aluminum arms, silver anodized
- Low Q-factor of 145mm
- 2x9/2x10 compatibility (use a 10-spd chain with 10-spd components)
- IDS24: Lightweight oversized 24mm hollow CrMo BB axle
- Chainline: 43.5mm
- Weight: 787grams

Don't want to follow the crowds with the SRAM and Shimano 2x10s? Here's an alternative!


C said...

I'm disappointed you're only offering the 50x34 and 48x34 options. There's already a glut of silver cranks with those ring combos. What intrigued me about the Sugino is that they offered some rando/dirt road friendly options such as 46x32 and 44x30. At this price the appeal for me would be chainring combos the other guys can't offer.

P said...

Agree precisely with C regarding ring combos. 46-30, or even 44-28, would speak to me, for the same reasons.

Anonymous said...

You're asking FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS ($530.00!!!!) for basically a 110bcd double crank that only has 50x34 or 48x34 rings?! Excellent, I bet you're having trouble keeping this crank in stock.....

Btw, I agree with others, be bold and consider offering a choice of rings ranging from 48-42 large combined with a range from 34-26 small and you might be surprised by the interest you get. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of whiners.

DA cranks are close to $700 bucks, and they sell those ugly gray chunks by the boat load. The Sugino's are way nicer looking, offer more versatility with the dual inner ring bcd, 110 outer bcd and are an option no one else is offering.

That makes them a bargain at twice the price. Buy these and some replacement rings in your preferred size and your golden.

Erik said...

Not to pile on, but this is "so close, yet so very far" from being the answer. It's a sweet crankset, no doubt, but if you're not taking advantage of the 74bcd, you're missing this thing's whole point, IMO.

Obviously, Sugino is targeting the high end of the market with this item, but I think that there would be plenty more demand for a square taper compatible, midrange ($139-$199) 110/74 double. Maybe next time?

Alex Wetmore said...

I'm excited. The price is high and I do think that offering something like 46/30 would make more sense out of the gate, but I really like the design of these cranks.

Anonymous said...

Are these cranks compatible with Shimano or is the bottom bracket it's own special one?

Anonymous said...

Which BB cups does it use:
SRAM GXP or Shimano? Left side of the SRAM is different.

74 inner / 110 outer BCD allows a great range of options. Though will most dbl front der work or will it require / work best with a mtb 2x10 front der?

Price hurts for sure but super idea.

Somacisco said...

Thanks for all the comments. We will let Sugino know. Erik: "mid-range double 110, sq taper" ...that sounds like the Sugino XD Not sure what you mean by "yet so very far"
Anonymous: "Compatible with Shimano BB's?" It has a 24mm axle, same as Shimano. I am assuming the BB cups are compatible. I need to ask Sugino though.

Anonymous said...

I believe Erik meant mid-range as in $200-400. That would mean mid-range of all commonly available cranks. The XD/RD2 are both nice crank options, but for some, including myself, they're not nice enough. It'd be cool to see a double crank designed specifically for 110/74 vs. a triple without the middle ring. Although, the two piece crank design is nice I rarely see it executed as well as Shimano's offerings. Sugino would be wise to offer road and mtb square taper cranks of the same quality as their track models.

Erik said...

@Somacisco: 'So close' in that as far as I'm aware, the OX801D is the only 110/74 low Q double on the planet (not a re-purposed triple). As others have said, it offers great gearing options that you cannot get with 110 doubles; specifically, the ability to go below 33 teeth on the inner ring.

'So far' in that it's a budget breaker that in its current configuration does not offer a novel gearing solution. I think if you offered it in 48-32 and 44-28 you'd at least be taking advantage of its unique features.

Also, I got the impression that BB cups are included? This would help justify the lofty price a little..

Cheers, and thanks for offering this item, even if it is outside my pay grade.

Edward M said...

hey soma. any news about when you will(if) be getting in different chainring combos? or at the very least separate chainrings (in the small sizes mind you).

BTW i also have to agreed that the price for this crank is quite steep...

Skewered Left bicyclist addict said...

Being a "steel frame " junkie I prefer a square taper crank offering 110/74 rather than outboard cups.

Velo Orange offers the Grand Cru 50.4bcd Crankset but I'm not crazy with copycat old style fluted arms.
A Sugino XD-700 Double Crankset in a
110/74 would be perfect.
They'd sell a gazillion of them, IMO.

jeronimo said...

Being a steel frame junkie does not necessarily make one a square taper fan.

I love steel frames with the most modern of equipment.

Rotor makes 110-74 doubles as well, but they are pricy.

I agree, a lower cost alternative would be nice with the two-piece crank. A "LX or X7" level two-piece Sugino crank with 40/26 rings would be awesome.

BTW, I have 44/29 mtb cranks with 94/58bcd chainrings, they are out there.