Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Soma Love + Back in Stock = Happy Tuesday

We receive lots of emails from Soma customers, we revel in all of the praise Soma gets (its MOSTLY praise). And while we love you all equally, occasionally we get love so exceptional that we feel compelled to share it. This is one of those instances (duh!). We received this email from Tyson last week:
"Dear Soma,
I just recently put to rest on of your hemp messenger bags. It had been plastered to my back for over four years. I have always been very happy with and just wanted to say thank you. I have attached what the bag looks like just to show you. Thanks again. -Tyson"

A much-loved Folsom messenger bag

Thanks Tyson, we thoroughly enjoyed your picture and story! So yes, please send us your stories/pictures of worn-to-shreds Soma stuffs.. they keep us happy.

As one Soma product is laid to rest, another is born.. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we recently worked with photographer Matt Washburn to get some sexy shots for the new Soma website (in-the-works!!). He was so taken with our beauties that in lieu of getting cash-money, he opted for a new Soma ES! He kindly sent us a picture of it all built up (build c/o the folks at American Cyclery):

This brings me to our BACK IN STOCKS, cause ES's are back in stock baby!

Soma ES's in ALL sizes!
Soma Smoothies in ALL sizes w/matching pearl white forks!
18" Soma Juices!

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