Thursday, April 7, 2011

Curved for Comfort

Modern steel forks are generally incredibly stiff and not as comfortable as older designs (especially those trendy straight blade ones).
"But stiff forks make for better for handling!" you say. To which I respond, "What if you can have the comfort without sacrificing hardly anything in the handling department?"... You then fall speechless to the ground and kiss my feet..

The same thinking that led us to steel frames led us to the creation of the Classic Curve line of chromoly steel forks. We drew our inspiration from forks found on old Peugeots, Raleighs and Motobecanes. The main difference between Classic Curve forks and our current curved forks is the bend in the blade is concentrated in the lower part of the blade. They give any bike a vintage look, but the offset(rake) is the same as our other forks, so that steering stays crisp. Right now we have: two road fork versions(for 49mm and 57mm reach brakes), a track version and a cyclo-cross/trekking version.

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