Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Soma Saddles

We have released two more saddles inspired by Italian classics (sorry if that sounds like an Olive Garden reference). Each are available in smooth black or white, or black micro-suede synthetic covers and have satin finish CrMo rails.

The Yamada features a full roundish profile on top, medium depth firm padding, and some brass accents. Euro-looks without Euro-trashing your wallet. 150mm x 274mm

The Kyudo has firm padding with a slightly concave top when viewed from the side, which encourages riders to settle into the sweet spot. You can also pitch the angle forward a little to create a slope that you can push against when climbing in the saddle. Definitely will not feel like those flat minimalistic saddles out there.

This week we are offering a special introductory deal on these at the Soma Shop. These will also be available through local bike shops.
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