Saturday, April 9, 2011

Soma Looking For Folks to Run New Bamboo Bike Venture

That would've made a good April Fool's headline.
The truth is we are still into our love affair with steel, but if you aspire to be in the bike biz there is an true opportunity for enterprising, motivated, and talented individuals to get in on the starting up of a new bamboo bicycle brand.

I find this project inspiring, because I love to see underdog ventures like this catch fire and hope they will connect smart individuals and allow them to break out cubicle-bound lives to collaborate on something cool.

The outfit is called Common Cycles (aka Project M Lab). While current bamboo bikes are made of imported bamboo, Common is not only trying to create to manufacture bicycles, but help establish bamboo farms in Alabama -- to create a new cash crop ("Alabamboo") for that state. Gotta love that.

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If you aren't the entrepreneur-type or thankfully already have a job they like already, but are still intrigued by bamboo bikes, you can make one yourself in you are in the SF Bay Area or Brooklyn... where there are Bamboo Bike Studios to teach you how to construct your own frame.

I'll take one in that green color in House of Flying Daggers.
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