Friday, May 27, 2011

Where Are You in the Silly Bike Commuter Food Chain?

  1. Scooters
  2. Roadies with shaved legs*
  3. Proper rapid singlespeeds (real men, messengers, tarty shiny fixies)*
  4. Roadies with hairy legs*
  5. Faux singlespeeds (fakengers, dirty/functional bikes, silly eggbeater gears)*
  6. Touring bikes (mudguards)*
  7. Fast hybrids*
  8. MTBs on skinnies*
  9. MTBs on knobblies
  10. Bromptons/collapsing bikes
  11. MTB full-sus on knobblies
  12. Shoppers
  13. Shoppers with wicker baskets
  14. Electric bikes

Silly Commuting Racing (SCR) makes every day a race day, every commute a challenge, and every other rider a potential competitor.

Bike Radar article.
Food chain calculator

I wonder if 650b mountain bikes have a different
classification than 26"ers.
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