Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coming Soon: Soma's New Porteur Rack

We left the MP3 player at home for our weekend ride.
Instead we loaded up an old radio one of us had collecting
dust in the garage --- onto a prototype of our Porteur Rack.
(Click on images to +)

The rack has a 12 x 14.2" platform. The "fence" shown
here is an optional attachment.
Rack is height adjustable and mounts to the axle,
but there is a workaround if you want to attach it to
the fork tip eyelet.

The radio was solid-state and bulky. Bungies would've probably
worked fine, but we got creative and fastened it down with
a mini U-lock and speaker wire.

The horizontal strut under the platform will fit a Zimbale
or Carradice roll bag and perhaps a pannier with
narrowly space hooks.

It is made out of CrMo steel. We found CrMo less temperamental
to work with than stainless steel. It is also stronger, stiff and
easier to repair than SS. Will be available in
black or chrome-plate -- by the end of the month.
Price to be determined.


rigtenzin said...

That looks nice. I think there are quite a few people waiting for an affordable porteur rack. Is this one of those? What does affordable mean anyway?

Jamie K. said...

Looks really nice! Before production, I recommend you add pieces of wood on top to make a light weight, yet stylish deck! I currently own the Paul Flatbed and I'm not so pleased with it. This looks much sturdier.

Ken said...

The Soma store says 700C, but with the long tangs, and add-on connector, I'm wondering if it will work on my 26" LHT?

Pops said...

Radio ?
Like who cares about carrying your Grampa's Ipod ?

Give us a usable load rating in Six-Packs so that your average typical addle-brained moderne Cyclist can unnerstand what this rack is all about. Beer and maybe a small dog are about 99% of the usual loads riders carry nowadays.

Will it hold a case ? How about Tall-Boys or Forty Ouncers ? How large of a Pit Bull Shelter Mutt will it hold ?