Monday, June 27, 2011

Greeting from "Shangri-La" Nearly 3700 Meters Up

Eleanor's Soma Saga in the mountain passes of Yunnan

Our gal Eleanor restarted her solo tour of China, Russia and Mongolia earlier this month.
She posted the first photo on our FB wall with the comment.
"I was warned by the locals on this one...but I slaughtered those 1500+ meters."

It was tough getting going at the high altitude, but she got to "Shangri-La" (not the fictional place from Lost Horizon, but a place in Yunnan Province, China, which is probably equally remote, but not really a utopia as in the novel.) six days ago. Even out there, she got in a couple of scrapes with some annoying drivers. Check out her report in her 2Wheels4Girls blog.

Morning view along some famous "Red Army Crossing"

New friends seeing Eleanor off.

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