Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bikemas at Soma!

Hello Girls and Boys! We just received a big shipment from Tange in Taiwan and we got some neat stuff to brag about. Here's the brand new Soma Roundwise drop bar. It's a classic style drop that would look nice on everything from your vintage road bike to your full carbon track bike. It's a nice understated silver finish with a comfy roundish bend. Check out the stylin lazer etched logo!


Anonymous said...

That bar looks lovely. Thumbs up on what appears to be another great product!


Kevin said...

Looking good! Alu, I assume?

What widths are they going to be available in? (Please tell me 46cm.)

Somacisco said...

It is indeed Aluminum. We are doing 38-46 sizes @Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Will these be available in the UK at some point?