Friday, February 10, 2012

Ride Like A Kid Again

We first started offering the Rush in 2001 when Soma was just born. Back then the whole fixed gear thing was still waiting for the starting gun to go off. In 2004 we started using the Tange Prestige tubing, and in 2010 we switched to the Tange dropouts. Two years ago we added our current head badges featuring the Sutro Tower. It still features the pure track geometry and killer styling that’s made it a favorite with riders for 10 years running.

I think the reason that the Rush has remained such a favorite is that it’s just good clean fun. Sure there are fancier track frames out there.  But when you ride a pure track bike the only thing that matters is what’s in front of you.  You may have only one bike, or you may have 10+ bikes, but when you ride the Rush you’re 10 years old, school is out and you can go wherever you want. It's not about how much your bike weighs. It's not about driving two hours to ride for 45 minutes. It's not about doing bar spins and 360s. It's not about getting sponsored by a soda company. It's about riding as far as you can without stopping. It's about riding all night. It's about pedaling so hard you throw up. It's about riding down the biggest hill you can find. It's about riding in the rain, and the snow. It's about riding in the hot sun with no hands while eating a burrito. It's about practicing track stands because you're friend need to catch up. It's about riding a bike when everybody else thinks your crazy for riding a bike. It's about riding until your tires have holes in them. It's about riding for the sheer unadulterated joy of being on a bike. So let's take back the streets.

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