Friday, March 16, 2012

Lubrication is Key

It's that time of year when things like keeping your bike chain lubed start to slip by the wayside. Neglect causes gunk buildup, gunk causes friction, friction causes wear, and that will eventual get you right in the wallet. So please, remember to lube your drivetrain this winter. Here's some brand new chain juice to keep your ride happy.

It's great stuff! Not to sticky, so it won't gum up your chain. You can use it to keep your pedals from squeaking. You can also use it to keep your cable housing sliding smoothly. Comes in a bottle with an applicator tip. What more could you want in life. And it's made right here in the Bay Area. American Standard Bicycle Lube; get some at your local bike shop. It's only for use on bikes, so don't get any ideas okay!
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