Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Pedal-ly Stuff

One of the perks of working at a big fancy bike company like Soma is you get to be the first to get your hands on exotic bike gear from places like Japan and Colorado. Here are two such specimens for your consideration.

Part one is the fancy new King Cage toe clips. Handmade by the guy who makes the waterbottle cages found on custom bikes everywhere.

Attached to these fine toe clips are the new MKS Urban Platform pedals. Designed to be more sneaker friendly than a track or road pedal, but smoother to get in and out of than a mountain bike pedal.

Triple Sealed bearings feel smooth and keep the gunk out. The long flippy tab should be quite sturdy and won't break off like other designs. Cr-Mo spindles are good and sturdy and will install with a 15mm or a 5mm allen wrench. Get some.


Hal said...

Very cool. Will you be carrying these in the store?

Somacisco said...

When we get them in, yes. Check back in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

Finally a "Layotard Berthet #23" Clone that isn't pushing $200!

Anonymous said...

Looks like they blew it again. Unlike the White pedals, the clip appears to mount below the level of the platform, effectively downsizing the clip size. And the lip at the edge makes sure you can't mount clips level with the top. Is it an admissions requirement for prospective mechanical engineers and industrial designers that they be dropped on their heads as small children?

Somacisco said...
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Somacisco said...

Not all toe clips have the same size tabs. You don't need to have the clips level with the platform because you don't push down on the clips. You really wouldn't want them to sit too high though, because that would prevent you from getting your foot in and out of the cages.

Danny-K said...

Actually until you start checking out pedals that accept clips, you don't realise how far below the platform they place the two bolt holes.

Assuming like anonymous did that 'they were too far down' I checked the half clips on my MKS detachable pedals on my folder. From the front the Zefal half clips are indeed flush with the platform and the two bolts appear quite high up viewed from the front

- BUT when you flip the pedals upside down to get a look at the reverse of the the two bolts it's then you are met with a surprise - they appear too way down low! I've been flicking mine back and forth and can't come to terms with the ahem "optical illusion".

Check out images for pedals that accept clips - and you'll find they all appear the same - initially appearing far too low down.

I'm more concerned with those two monstrously high inboard ridges, that look ready to inflict irritation on us 'big foot' guys. Could always grind them off I suppose.
(The ridges - not me feet! :)
P.S. At 308gms - they're quite light for plaform pedals.

Joe B said...

I love this style of pedal. Unfortunately they're uncomfortable for my size-12 feet; my 2 outer metatarsals hang off the outside of the pedals.