Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wide range 10spd cassette

Our good friends over at IRD sent over this prototype Cassette for us to look at. So of course we're going to spill the beans to you guys. Is this a product they should produce?

This is the widest range 10 speed cassette I've ever seen. It's a 13-38. The first 5 cogs are chrome plated Cr-Mo. The 6 and 7 cogs sit on a separate aluminum spider. The 8 and 9 cogs are attached to another spider that is integrated with the 38t cog, which is alloy. This saves some weight and shouldn't affect durability since it won't incur very much wear.

If they make these they will probably retail for around $150.00. They should work with current Sram and Shimano 10 speed MTB drivetrains. They would also work with Shimano STI shifters mated to a 9spd Shimano MTB derailleur. I believe that Sram MTB rear derailleurs mate up fine with the double tap shifters. Could be a real boon for 1-10 drivetrains. Could be good for tandems and heavily loaded touring bikes as well. So what do you think? Should we get some of these?

For those of you who want to know the weight, you know who you are, shame on you. But we forgive you. It weighs in at just under 431 g. Happy now?
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