Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Thick & Zesty Bar Tape Colors!

Some summery colors mixed in with soon-to-be classics.

- The Tangerine is similar to our orange cork version but a shade brighter and with no cork bits
- The Apple Green is a straight up chartreuse. Very intense, but not quite neon. Not to be confused with our Pear Green.
- The Dark Red is a handsome color. If you think our regular red is a little light, check this one out.
- The Teal might seem hard to coordinate with, but it would look great on a white, ti, black or cobalt blue frame.
- The Camouflage Blue is in a grippy striated texture like our other camo choices. Don't know what environment this would give camouflage in --- maybe on Pandora?

In more bar-related news, by popular demand Highway One Compact Road Bars now come in a 46cm wide. So that's 38 to 46cm. Not too many road bars span that range these days.

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