Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Soma Tradesman - Back in Stock and Updated

The Tradesman cargo frame set is back in stock. We have made a few updates.
- The steel platform rack now has rounded corners. It is less industrial looking, but is friendlier to walls and shins. It is slightly lighter, but attaches with beefier hardware.
- The fork has a longer steerer.
- The seat tube is now externally butted, so you don't need a shim for the front derailleur. A plain ol' 31.8mm is fine.


larry said...

Awesome! Those are some great upgrades to an already great bike.

Doug Mayer said...

this type of bike is begging to be sold as a complete. i'd love to have a cycletruck, but it's quite costly to put one together from parts. good work all the same! keep 'em coming!

Evan Baird said...

We have the Pick Up Artists completes coming soon!

Drink said...

Looks sweet. Good job on the updates!

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