Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In The Works: Saga Touring Disc Frame


Since we've started producing the Saga touring frame, we have gotten to hear a lot of great stories from adventurous folks regarding where they've taken their Sagas. We love hearing them all. It is the excitement in their words and voices that encourage us to keep on making Soma frames.

We also like hearing feedback on our products as well. One of the early suggestions was to do a disc version. That idea was not something that didn't cross our mind early on with the Saga, but general touring wisdom said having mechanical trouble with a disc brake would be more problematic and likely than having problems with cantilevers. That still holds true somewhat, but it hasn't stopped people from asking. More and more enthusiasts are tackling terrain where disc brakes would definitely serve them better. One rider shared that he popped a tube because his rim overheated due to extended braking on a long descent. That would never happen with a disc-equipped machine.

So here we are. Feast your eyes on the first prototype in all it caramelized orange glory. (Color and design details not finalized, though geometry will probably be the same as the current Saga.). We have no production date for these, but it will definitely be part of the 2014 line.

A Clarence alt bar on a tourer? Why not?

Whoops. A cable guide on the fork would be nice.

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