Monday, February 25, 2013

NAHBS 2013 Faves

A couple folks from Soma flew out to Denver this weekend to check out the 2013 NAHBS.

Here's some of our favorite things we saw at the show.

MKS was there with some awesome new stainless steel toe clips.

We saw a brake lever mounted with a Sturmey Archer 3 speed shifter. Check out the Soma Highway 1 bars!

We woke up to fresh snow on Sunday morning.

We just barely made it back to the bay. A lot of other people were't so lucky and had to spend the night in the airport.

KVA had the new Soma Stainless Triple Cross frame on display in their booth. Those fillets looks mighty nice!

Jeremy Sycip won best Alfine Belt Drive bike for his City Bike build. A small LCD screen displays the gear on the handlebars.

The brass Tanaka Fenders and Cardiff Mercia saddle were a striking accent.

Rick Hunters long tail fat bike was my personal favorite from the show. The custom frame bags and panniers offer tons of storage for back country adventures.

Speedhound had this interesting fender support. Looks like it's designed to hold up a seat bag.

VP was showing off some crazy thin titanium pedals.

Nitto had their integrated decaleur on display at their booth. It mounts to the back of a Pearl stem and replaces the threaded nut. They told me a Technomics compatible version is in development.


Bilenky had the loudest paint job at the show. Peep the 2-tone Bennotto bar tape job.

I was super excited to see this mini Ostrich bag for the ENE Ciclo mini rack. What a perfect combo!

Level had some wold class Keirin bikes on display at their booth. Not as many builders were showing off track bikes this year, but these really caught my eye. 

They won the President's choice award for this beautiful track bike.

Kerin Jerseys!

I spotted this white Soma Everwear mounted to a wooden Ghisallo clincher rims. Looks at those Curtis Odom high flange hubs!

Blaze Bicycles use the Soma Lauterwasser bars with hydraulic disc brakes.

There were Soma bars on quite a few bikes this year. This one is from Doneylope Bicycles from Bellingham.

For those of you who don't follow us on Facebook, here a picture of the Grand Randonneur prototype from the Boulder Bicycles vintage Rene Herse exhibit Saturday night.

The final version will have a matching fork with a threaded steer tube. As you can see, there's clearance for 42mm 650b tires with full coverage fenders. Can't wait to get these in!

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Anonymous said...

It was good to see the Grand Randonneur going into production. Why the threaded steerer?


William M. deRosset
Fort Collins, CO

Peter Hamtramck said...

Hi Evan,

When can we expect to learn more about sizing, price and delivery of the Grand Randonneur?


Evan Baird said...

We'll have our final sample early next month. We'll let you know more then.

Allen said...

Finally a good pic of the Triple Cross. When might we hear about pricing? Pre-orders?

Thanks for the highlights.

Anonymous said...

That lever with the shifter mount has been around for a while. That's the way STI should have been done in the first place. But then how would big companies make money and how would engineers express their creative side and get paid heaps for their contemplation. You can't change gears in a sprint so that justifies the cost. You very rarely see recreational riders look comfortable on a racing let alone see them sprint anyway.

Evan Baird said...
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Evan Baird said...

@Anon They told me they had to change the mount to make it work with the Sturmey Archer shifter. Pretty cool idea.

Anonymous said...

How disappointing and needlessly retro to have a threaded steerer tube. You do realize that in 2013, we have a stronger, lighter, cheaper and simpler way to attach a fork to a frame, right?

Evan Baird said...

Can't beat a quill stem for adjustability and looks.

Anonymous said...

A quill stem is better on a randonneur bike because you can easily change the stem height when your body starts to ache. It shifts the pressure points around. And it only takes ten seconds instead of ten minutes.

Michael_S said...

are you going to carry the Ostrich mini bag at Soma? I thought you were going to carry their larger bags too.

Evan Baird said...

Yes we are! Unfortunately we sold out before we could get them up on the website. We will be getting more bags very soon!

Peter Hamtramck said...

Hey Evan,
Any updates regarding the Grand Randonneur?


Evan Baird said...

Official info coming in the next few days. V.2 sample is in house and we'll be announcing our projected pricing and sizing options as soon as we nail down the changes we're planning for the final version.

Peter Hamtramck said...

Awesome! I'm excited to hear the details. Thanks for following up!

Evan Baird said...

If yer innerested.