Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dirt Drop/Super Boss

I know the first thing that comes to most people mind when they think of Soma's handlebar selection is "Why don't you have more options?" Well don't worry, 'cause were on the case.

It all started with our dirt drop bar, the Junebug. We got to thinking, wouldn't it be cool if you could use the JB bar with Hydraulic mountain levers. So we shrank the diameter of the drop handles to accommodate 22.2 levers. We also reamed the tips so they still work with bar end shifters.

Well, we made a couple samples to test out, and one of the things we figured out was that they make pretty good cruiser bars when you flip them upside down. They're kinda like a mutant Soma Oxford bar.

They do work well as a dirt drop too. The taper is located at the bottom of the bend, so you can still use the with regular drop levers.

Now in case y'all think we're completely tone deaf, yes we realize how weird this bike looks. It's our permanent test platform so it's set up for different size people to hop on and take it for a spin. You might recognize the fork too. It's the fat tire suspension corrected prototype we showed you a while ago. Our buddies at Velocity USA sent us this dialed Pacenti P35 double rear wheel set, since it takes a 135mm hub on the front. Since you can swap the front wheel with the rear, we put two different size cogs on to make it a 2 speed. All of these strange bits n' bobs should be available for you to purchase sometime after Stardate 67466.9
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