Tuesday, October 22, 2013

FreeRange Grand Randonneur Build

For those of you who haven't been compulsively searching for Grand Randonneur build pictures, here's the first complete shots we've seen from FreeRange up in old Seattle.

I really like the contrasting green touches! If I know my brickwork, then that there is the Theo Chocolate factory in the background. Some people have all the luck.

If you look close you can see they picked some nice parts for this build. Our Soma B-Line 650b tires, IRD Defiant Crankset, Nitto Quill Stem + Bars, Grand Compe brake levers, Velocity Synergy Rims, and of course the matching leather saddle.

If you're in Seattle, or even if you're not, you should definitely make the trip over to Fremont down by the giant leafy Brontosaur and check out all the lovely bikes they have in stock. More pics of their other custom builds can be found on the Flickr.

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