Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grant's Somas

Grant sent in some great shots of his Soma collection.

(Steve's Smoothie)

That's 3 by my count. Nice work. Keep em coming!


SW said...

Ahem...Grant owns two (the Saga and the Stanyon). The Smoothie (white frame, BW photo) is mine.

More here: http://singularitas.org/the-fleet/soma-smoothie/.

I also own an ES: http://singularitas.org/the-fleet/soma-extra-smooth/.

And my wife rides a Saga: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/1pvqg8mflqpmi9i/giC6tVWlWq

Evan Baird said...

Oooh, that's a pretty Saga build. Mind if I re-post it?

SW said...

Not at all. Go for it.

Grant Foster said...

#1 Underneath the Badger State Trail at the start of an s24o to Brigham County Park
#2 Lake Kegonsa in February
#3 Steve's Smoothie east of Madison on an Anvil ride
#4 On the Military Ridge rail trail with a giant puffball fairing
#5 Clear country roads after a mid-February heatwave and rainstorm
#6 Dusty Stanyan after an overnight ride to Illinois and back
#7 Washington Island
#8 Almanzo 100