Monday, February 24, 2014

Soma Champs Elysees Mini Racks

Many of you probably haven't seen these yet. It's a smaller version of the classic stainless front rack we introduced last year, designed to support a handlebar bag or small basket.

They mount to standard Nitto style eyelets, which come on a number of models from Rivendell, Rawland, Soma and many Japanese bicycles. P-clamps are also included for forks without braze-ons.

The platform angle is adjustable so you can keep it level on bikes with different head tube angles. There are various mounting points for a flashlight or dynamo headlight.

With many Dynamo lights it is necessary to orient the light upright so that the beam pattern is not distorted. For optimal positioning the light should be mounted in front of the bag/tire to avoid casting a shadow on the road.

This can be achieved a number of different ways, either by attaching the light bracket to the forward fender mount, with a M.A.P. fender bracket, or a Soma Wingmann mounted to either side. A disc brake spacer can be used to keep the fender blade in line with the tire when mounting directly to the forward tip.

If your fork only has eyelets at the dropouts, or you want to carry heavier loads, the full size Champs Elysees racks are another good option.

For those of you who've been waiting for news about the 65mm offset forks, they are now in production. We expect to receive the first batch in the next couple months.

(the production forks have a slightly larger bend radius)


Anonymous said...

What's the axle to crown measurement on the new forks?

Evan Baird said...

They'll be nominally the same as the classic curve forks.