Thursday, April 3, 2014

Arthur's Soma Saga

I took a couple of photos on my "maiden" voyage. I have tagged my build with a model name that may be a bit odd (I thought about Roubaix, but did not want Specialized to send their lawyers after me!)

Soma Saga dell'Orso which is a google translation from English to Italian for " Soma Saga (story) of the Bear" ... Bear because Arthur (my first name) has its roots in various words for Bear, not that my parents thought I would be a bear. Anyway if Specialized can have model names ... so can I. And I think its better than "invented" names like Treks Domane!

Later on, I will send you a list of how I specked it. The first ride was really good (40 K with several very good climbs in the WV hills). The only problem was one of the windiest days we have had so far ... slowed me on down-hills (without brakes) and nearly stopped me in my tracks on one gentle climb when a gust hit me suddenly. I am thinking the wind was a stand-in for loaded touring packs! These photos were taken at French Creek, Upshur County, West Virginia. The churchyard is French Creek Presbyterian (over 100 years old), no longer activde. A nice point of interest for a "touring" bike to stop. Its a regular ride for me.



Exhausted_Auk said...

Are those the famous (and unobtainable) Ragley Luxy bars?

Evan Baird said...