Friday, May 16, 2014

Soma San Marcos Build in Tiburon Blue (Click image to create joy)

Tiburon Blue: A little darker than the Pearl Blue we used last.
If you ever see both colors together, you'll agree they are different enough.
Named after the lovely bayside town north of the
Golden Gate Bridge. Immaculate build courtesy of Natural Cycle in Winnepeg.
Photos: Mark Reimer

Wow, it is clean like this everywhere in Manitoba?

Nitto drop bars with Newbaum's cotton tape in a partial harlequin pattern.

Honjo hammer tone fenders with Rivendell Roly Poly 700x28c tires

MKS Sylvan Road pedals with their toe clips, IRD Defiant Cranks,
SunXCD front derailleur.

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