Tuesday, July 22, 2014

NYC Trip Post #2

Remember when I was going to post more pictures from our NYC trip. We'll here they are.

The 2nd day was all about visiting shops, so I drug myself out of bed and hopped on the bike.

Took a quick spin around the neighborhood to beat back the jetlag.

My first stop of the day was 718 Cyclery, which was conveniently right down the street from the hotel.

This shop is really great. They clearly have an appreciation for classic bicycles, a fact that becomes apparent as soon as you look around the space.

I hung around for a bit an chatted with the folks working the morning shift before heading out to my next destination.

Amazeballs view of Manhattan along the bike path.

Cruising around Brooklyn I happened upon quite a few little shops, but I only had time to peak in the window.

The Papillionaire Cycles shop  is a smart looking city bike boutique in Red Hood. They weren't open when I stopped by, but they had some cute step through bikes on display in their window.

I learned later that they're actually based out of Australia, but they're now doing some business stateside as well.

All kinds of classic Brooklyn Chewing Gum kit in this shop window.

Around lunch time I stopped in to the Red Lantern Cafe and Bike Shop.

Inside they've got a cafe with plenty of bicycle flavored art up on the walls and ceiling.

Even though I was still on west coast time, my bicycle sightseeing necessitated a refuel. Killer Paninis.

Heading north into Williamsburg I spotted the Brooklyn Bike Doctor shop and poked my head in. I was glad that I did, because they have a lot of neat stuff in stock including an original Seaweed Green Soma Delancey frameset.

I was told this custom Bike Friday collapsable tandem belongs to the owner.

I was super pumped to visit the next shop on my route. King Kog has been a fixture in the track bike world for years, and just recently opened a new location in Oakland.

I've got to make sure I pick up one of their new jerseys next time I stop by.

This shop totally lives up to the hype, and there were a ton of gorgeous bikes and parts to check out.

OG BMW trick track bike sporting Panasonic skinwalls.

So many Keirin frames you'd swear you're in Japan.

As I was admiring the Kinfolk track bikes on the floor, I learned they had just opened a new location nearby, so I knew I had to check it out. Tune in next week for more bike porn.

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