Thursday, July 24, 2014

NYC Trip Post #3

Still got some more NYC pics to share with you. Try to keep up.

The Kinfolk shop was way bigger than I expected.

In addition to handmade bicycles they also sell collectables and apparel.

They had some lovely vintage Japanese film cameras on display.

Check out the Sugino 75 disc wheel on that thing!

The (kin)folks were nice enough to let me climb up to the loft where they have a studio space.

Behind the shop there's a bar with some super trippy interior design elements.

They way it's laid out kind of reminds me of a big bee hive.

I wasn't able to check it out at night, but I imagine it's a pretty neat spot.

After grabbing a sandwich at the Kinfolk Cafe  next door, I headed back towards the Williamsburg Bridge.

Couldn't pass up the opportunity for some more gratuitous product photography.

The East River make a pretty sweet backdrop, wouldn't you say?

Along the way I spotted this bitchin pump track. If it'd been open I would have tried it out on the Grand Randonneur, but since I was dropping her off at 718 Cyclery at the end of the day I figured I probably better not try climbing the fence.

My last stop was Chari and Co. back in Manhattan.

Their shop is small, but packed deep with all kinds of track gear.

They build up some mighty fine looking wheels.

They also cater to your artistic needs.

The folks there were super friendly and even gave me a Chari 5 Panel cap to take home. 

Whaddup haters! Mine has bees on it. 

Well, that's all folks! Thanks to all the friendly New Yorkers we met for showing us what's good. Visiting your city was a real treat. Can't wait to see you next time!

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