Tuesday, March 1, 2016

So Blue: 2016 Buena Vista

We may have went overboard with the blue for 2016. But when the boss was concerned over "taking risks" with colors, what choice do we have? (We may have picked a fun color in 2014 that didn't go over so well).
The usually go-to color, black just isn't a good color for mixtes.
We just finished doing a few years of white.
Red and silver? No thanks.

"Wait, how about blue. Blue is a 'safe' color. It's calming. Lots of people like it or at least don't have strong feelings against it. Look at all the people wearing blue jeans." Different versions of this conversation happened while discussing different models.

So we ended up choosing blue for this year's Buena Vista, the ES road frame, the Sandworm fat bike frame and the yet to be unveiled Saga touring frame. Different shades and intensities of blues, but blue nonetheless. So if your favorite color is blue, this is a great year for you to get a Soma.

We call this blue, Tiburon Blue. Tiburon is a bayside town in Marin County. "Tiburon" means "shark" in Espanol.
The color reminds us of how the SF bay looks a sunny midday. It's a color that should appeal
to both women and men, if they have good taste. : )

Build was by American Cyclery for a client who either had her previous mixte stolen or damaged, Forget which.

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