Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SF to Bodega Bay and Back Again Part 2

Here it is, la parte segunda!

The best part of waking up is cowboy coffee in yer cup, and a crackling fire to take the chill away.

And waking up to this view made it easier to get out of bed, or z-rest as the case may be.

We decided these were neo-americana conical tents. The company that makes them is based in Colorado and also makes yurts and tent cabins. Check them out if you want to get up in some nature.

Our breakfast was Paleo compliant, although there was oatmeal to be had too.

Manny's safety knife came in handy. This thing is for kids, but don't be fooled, that blade is sharp.

We got to pet horsies and smell them too!

These ones looked pretty bored, but I guess when you live on the beach it loses some of it's novelty.

Ely was up and ready to go, putting his serious randonneur ethic into practice. The rest of us were about an hour late getting on the road, but what can I say, we run on MoM time.

There must have been some kind of camper trailer meetup or somthing going on in Bodega Bay, because we kept getting passed by them riding out of town.

Seems like the way to live don't it?

Once we got on the 1 the traffic thinned out and we were able to get a little loose.

Ely kept up a good pace, but always the gentleman, he didn't leave us in the dust.

Sarah was all smiles as we made our way towards Tomales.

We ran into more Randonneurs at Tomales Bakery, coming back to SF on the 600k.

This bakery is definitely worth checking out.

They were making croissant dough for the week. Roll, butter, fold, repeat. So yummy.

We hit a good headwind as we rolled down Key's Creek at the mouth of Tomales Bay. That's when we remembered there are drops on under them there hoods.

A sedge of cranes (or maybe a pod of pelicans?) was taking flight as we rode past.

Once we rounded the bend and began riding towards Pt. Reyes Station the wind was at our backs and we were flying.

There were more cars on the road as we got closer to town, but for the most part they were respectful.

A big thanks to Norma and Calbike for making the 3 Foot Law a reality in California!

Give me 3 buddy!

Somebody should buy this old building and open a bike hostel. Just sayin.

I broke my chain at one point, but thanks to my handy Soma Woodie I was back on the road before long.

Sarah getting creative with the fruit presentation.

Ely had a full schedule so he took off after lunch instead of riding out to Stinson beach with us. If you ever get a chance to ride with this guy you should jump at it. He's a riot and a damn fine bag seamster!

By the time we got to the beach we were all pretty sweaty. 

We knew the climb up Mt. Tam would take all our energy so we didn't hang around long, but we couldn't resist taking one more group picture together while we still looked somewhat photogenic.

We arrived back at the Presidio with sunlight to spare.

We said goodbye to our friends from Best Coast Biking and Norma and I rode over to the famous Wave Organ to do a post ride safety check and sit by the bay to cool our heels for a while.

The Organ wasn't playing much. Need to go back during a full moon for the full spectacle.

On our way to the Oakland/Alameda Ferry from Fisherman's Wharf we found a great little Mexican spot for dinner. They let us park our bikes on the balcony so we could keep an eye on them while we enjoyed their excellent tequila concoctions.

We're going to do more of these trips in the future, so keep an eye on the SomaFab Facebook page if you want to go with us. Space will be limited so we'll offer spots on a first come first served basis. See you next time campers!

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