Monday, June 6, 2016

Coming Soon! The Fog Cutter

You may have a seen a social media photo of a new model we've been testing  earlier this year. We weren't too forthcoming with details, but we are ready now.

We call this new project the Fog Cutter.
The idea behind the name (besides that we get a lot of fog where we are) is how after getting up at the crack of dawn to do some miles your mind feels like it's in this fog, this thick fog made of eye gunk, but then you start to turn those pedals and your face gets that first blast of cold air, and you pedal some more, get into your rhythm, and you feel the stiffness in your knees melt away and as your bike and your body is cutting through that dewy morning air you feel that fog leave your body, too and you begin feel pretty good again... Yeah that's kind of what we had in mind.

New bike smell mixed with sea breeze.
Pre-production sample shown. Actual fork will sport matching paint and straight carbon blades. The sample build is sporting New Xpress 700x35c. Production design will fit slightly larger tires.

The frame roughly follows the geometry of our ES road sport / endurance frame, but it is designed with disc brakes. We could've just left it at that, because that's basically what some customers have been asking for. Since we were leaving the confines of the mid-reach caliper brake, we decided to increase tire clearance where we can. We ended up adopting the fork length and chainstay design of our Double Cross frame, but have kept the angles and lower bottom bracket of a true road frame. Because it is design around a CX disc fork, it opens up a few more options for aftermarket forks than the ES ever had. Our optional matching fork will be carbon; lighter than steel, but our spec is definitely beefy enough to commute on daily.

We think the Fog Cutter is near perfect for bike for fondos and credit card touring. It's also killer for all weather commuting, because it fits disc brakes and tires up to 38c with fenders, and is welded with Tange Prestige heat-treated Chromoly tubes to soak up asphalt chatter day after day.  As with almost all our frames there are mounts for a rear rack and fenders. MSRP: $479.99 (frame) $219.99(carbon fork with alloy steerer) Available in about 4 months.

The seat tube decal is insprired by the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.
Stay at the hostel if you are ever in the neighborhood.

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