Monday, June 20, 2016

Hands On Wheels x Rivendell Appaloosa

The world renowned Rich of Hands On Wheels and Riv fame dropped by to pick up some dynamo hubs an let us snap a few pictures of his excellent Appaloosa build.

For those of you who don't subscribe to the RBW list, the Appaloosa is a newer model from Riv. Featuring extra long chain-stays and a slack seat tube, these bikes are definitely designed to handle a substantial load.

The Sugino XD is a staple of most Rivendell builds. Seen here in the wide/low double configuration with complimentary bash ring.

It looks like some miniature ponies pranced up and down the tube at some point.

Bucking the trend of reinventing classic lug designs, the fork crown for this model is distinctly industrial. Braze ons at the tops of the fork legs offer more front rack mounting options.

Clearly this bike belongs to a collector of classic Japanese components.

Give me platform pedals any day.

What happens when your customer bails on their custom wheelset? New wheels day.

Classic Riv cockpit: Nitto Albatross x Technomic

The legendary Suntour Command shifters. Way way ahead of their time.

The classic Riv trunk bag never goes out of style.


One does not simply use any old rear derailleur with Suntour shifters. Not if you're into indexing anyway.

Taken from a classic illustration apparently.

The Nigel Smythe fender flaps with a healthy amount of buse.

If you see this sticker on your rim you can rest assured that you are in good hands... yeah, I'm sorry too.

But seriously, this guy knows wheels. Hit him up if you need somthing special built up (cuz we don't do that) and he'll sort you right out. Thanks Rich!

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