Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Show Us That Baby Blue!

A somewhat atypical build to show you how the new Smoothie in Baja Blue builds up:
  • Mostly shiney silver components. Most folks will use black bits which looks just fine too.
  • New Albion 46-34t crank set for more useable gearing for mere mortals
  • Soma Supple Vitesse 700x28c tires, decent tire clearance especially with these newer Shimano 105 calipers
  • With the matching steel fork though the matching carbon has been slightly more popular.
  • Colored spacers: We don't usually mess around with colored spacers, but they work well here.

Offering CrMo steel or Carbon Fork options. Who loves you so much to offer TWO fork options?

A couple of 5mm red spacers to echo the red stripes on the downtube and seat tube panels.
Thank you Pedal Revolution for helping with the build.


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